Nowhere Generation brings the familiar sounds with a fresh perspective

An absolutely beautiful cacophony with each song engendering harsh realism, Rise Against proves once again that they’re not here to play games.

Rise Against has been, since their inception, a band that holds nothing back. Relentless political punk rock with equally aggressive music has been the sound you expect from them.

For those that have been listening to Rise Against since their debut album “The Unravelling”, you know that over the years their sound has changed from the reckless, thrashing sounds of angst to a more polished, melodic catalog. Some may argue that “Their old stuff was better” others would…

An album deemed not good enough for a Grammy, and why that’s a mistake

A musician’s job is to create the best song or album that they possibly can. In doing so, they hope to gain recognition and validation for the efforts they put in, after all, most people don’t understand how much effort goes into making even a single song but let me tell you from experience, it’s a lot.

Another side of validation comes in the form of awards. We all know them whether it be a tournament trophy in little league or an international show for the top of whatever industry. …

Addressing the everlasting debate

With the constantly growing amounts of musical sub-genres and the constant shift in genre popularity, a reoccurring debate, or discussion if you will, is whether Rock music is dead. That’s truly an understandable question, but not one that can be answered so simply as a yes or no but rather, one that needs to be explored further to fully understand.

Gene Simmons, Bassist, and Vocal of the rock band KISS has recently gone on the record himself to state that Rock is in fact a dead genre, but rather than delving deeper as to why exactly he believes that, he…

Remembering BB King

There have been many brilliant musicians to walk this earth. Musicians who have brought us joyful, timeless songs, have paved a way for future generations and others who have inspired in ways nobody else could. And then, there’s BB King. A man so profound and legendary, one who can speak without saying a word, just six strings, and passion, and a man that was integral in the shaping of not only a genre but the entire foundation of modern music yet stayed humble through it all.

Born as Riley B. King in Mississippi on September 16, 1925, he was a…

How Taylor Swift is actively changing the music industry

It’s summer, a time of bliss and smiles. People out having fun, getting some sunshine, and having a great time.. usually, but not in 2020. Everybody is at home, they’re bored, missing the usual happy-go-lucky days that only last a few months and have no idea as to when life will return to how it was.

Artists canceling shows, pushing back album release dates, and scrambling to find ways to perform via live streaming.

Then, on a Friday in July, Taylor Swift surprise releases her eighth studio album, Folklore.

Surprise album releases are not a new thing and that’s not…

Overcoming anxiety of releasing your art - now what?

Note: This article reflects particularly towards myself releasing music and my own experience, but this can be portrayed into any form and doesn’t need to be specifically aimed towards musicians. We’re all artists and we all struggle the same at one point or another.

In any form of art, amongst other things, we tend to feel anxiety when the time comes to release it to the world. The fear of putting yourself out there, baring all your emotions and your inner dialogue, for the world to criticize can become overwhelming.

Myself, like many others dealt with the near crippling feeling…

What my harsh journey taught me

It’s no secret that Instagram is the place to post you work. With rough numbers putting the daily user count to 500 million (give or take) it definitely seems, at face value, the place you want your work to be in order to reach the most eyes. For Photographers, the more people to see our work, the better our chances at success.

“500 million eyes is amazing for my work! So what’s the problem?”

The problem? They don’t care. You’re one lonely Photographer in a sea of quick-snapping image makers. From professions to amateurs, budding photographers to pre-teens with the…

10 minutes to an easier youth

It’s ironic that as children, we see people in their 20’s and think they are so old yet at the same time, we always talk about wanting to grow up.

“I can’t wait until I’m old enough to do this, to do that”

“When I get older, I’m going to…”

These are just a couple example what we all said or thought in our youth, destined to be one of the “bigger kids”, anticipating the days when we can do what we want, go where ever we pleased and never being told otherwise; we all just wanted “freedom”.

Schools are…

Cody Robichaud

A Musician, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Creative Enthusiast sharing my knowledge in hopes to help others strive.

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